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Jul 04

I Don’t Teach Digital Citizenship

Yes, I admit it, I don’t teach digital citizenship. Well, not directly anyway. I do not teach direct digital citizenship lessons, I just haven’t had the need. I’ve looked into resources such as Common Sense Media and they have some great lessons. I’ve even set them aside and planned to use them. I just never …

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Jun 06

Sample Grant Proposals Reboot

I’m re-publishing this post because I have some of my best grant examples for people to see linked in this post. I have learned the benefits of grant writing. In my 26 year career I have gotten grants for 21 of those 26 years. I’ve gotten at least one grant a year for the past …

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May 23

Perseverance AND Obsession

Two weeks ago I wrote about a failed grant opportunity. I had written and submitted a proposal to CenturyLink for their CenturyLink Teachers and Technology program back in January. We were supposed to find out if we got the grant by April. When April came and was quickly becoming May I started to panic. Was …

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Mar 28

Older iMacs

Back in 1998 my school put the first model of iMac in my classroom, the Bondi iMac pictured on the left. I rotated groups of students through the Bondi iMac as they created websites using HTML as part of the projects they were working on at the time. We’ve come a long way since the …

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Feb 22

Presenting at NCCE 2016!

I’ve been fortunate to, after years of following people on Twitter who got to attend cool conferences and meet face-to-face with virtual friends, to have been able to go to the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) for the past two years at Seattle and Portland! So last spring, I took a risk. I was …

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Jan 18

Student Tech Support #edtech

I’ve been working on my school district’s tech committee since I started working at Chimacum in 1997. Our most recent district tech plan included a plan for moving our middle school to a 1:1 model. The plan required pretty substantial funding, the likes of a Tech Levy or a portion of a Capital Levy or …

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Aug 28

Hard Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been toiling over what tools to use this year in my Science classes. I’ve been making regular use of 3D GameLab as my main LMS (Learning Management System), Classblogmeister as our class blog for student blogs, Shivtr as our class discussion forum for online, asynchronous discussions, and Classdojo and Remind for parent communication (along …

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Apr 06

Discussion Forums in Science

I wrote a post for the Learn 2 Earn blog called How to Use Discussion Forums to Engage Every Student and it’s live! I share some tools that I have used with my Science students in grades 6, 7 and 8 over the years. Having a discussion forum for a face-to-face classroom allows for a …

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Apr 06

My 1:1 #NCCE2015 Notes

I took my Twitter Storify notes from NCCE 2015 and put together all the notes from the 1:1 implementation sessions I attended. I attended as many of those sessions as I could to best help my building prepare for our 1:1 initiative for the 2016-17 school year. Next year, 2015-16, will be our planning year …

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Mar 23

My #NCCE2015 Notes

This year I was tweeting so much of what I was learning at NCCE 2015 (#NCCE2015) that I just used Twitter as my note-taking format! Here are my tweets (I’ll be writing more about what I learned later): [View the story “NCCE 2015 3/18, 19, 20/15” on Storify]

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