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Mar 23

My #NCCE2015 Notes

This year I was tweeting so much of what I was learning at NCCE 2015 (#NCCE2015) that I just used Twitter as my note-taking format! Here are my tweets (I’ll be writing more about what I learned later): [View the story “NCCE 2015 3/18, 19, 20/15” on Storify]

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Sep 23

Tech via SAMR

We kicked off the new school year with a tech training for the whole district. Here’s the Prezi we used for our kick-off tech training: As we train our district staff this year to implement our new Tech Plan, we are making use of the SAMR model (resources included in the above Prezi) to help …

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May 17

The Need for Technology

Source: CheapestColleges.org Use of the above infographic does not constitute endorsement of the authors/creators of the infographic. I was merely giving credit to the owners/creators.

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Mar 11

I’m going to #NCCE2014 !

I haven’t been to a conference in sooooo looong. And tomorrow I get to go to the NCCE 2014 Conference in Seattle! Just two hours away, and a ferry ride, from where I live and I’ll be there! Tomorrow morning! I’m so excited! Our new Superintendent, @Rich_Stewart1 , is sending our District Tech Committee to …

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Mar 12

Ironman or Batman?

This isn’t Science or Edtech or Edreform but it’s darn cool! I just couldn’t pass it up. Created by HomeownersInsurance.com

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Oct 30

What’s a Startup Weekend?

The weekend of Oct 19 I got to participate in a Startup Weekend, specifically the Startup Weekend Seattle EDU at the Evergreen School! From the About Section of the Startup website: “Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch …

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Oct 05

iPad Friendly Sites

When my Science students blog using an iPad, ClassBlogMeister accommodates them by offering two choices for typing. One choice allows the author to format their text with word processing menus like the image below. The problem is that iPads, mobile devices, cannot type in those graphical text boxes. It sucks! But all is not lost …

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Jan 31

Blogging and the 21st Century

Why do I assign homework by having students blog? And what in the world is a glog? If you’ve asked yourself these questions maybe this blog post will help. I remember just a few years ago how parents and teachers started to worry when our children were using MySpace to create a presence on the …

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