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Oct 24

Playing the Game of School

This post was originally published on the CORELaborate blog! I have heard it before and I agree, school can be considered a game. Think about it. Those kids who do the best have the game all figured out. You show up, do what the teachers tell you to do, be quiet, pretend to listen (or …

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Feb 28

School as a Game

This post was originally published on the WA CORELaborate site! In a way, school is already a game. Think about it. Think about your top performing or A students. They have figured out how to play the game of school. They know how to complete assignments, turn in their homework, do well on quizzes and …

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Jan 11

Differentiating with Google Classroom

I just found out about an update to Google Classroom from THE Journal that allows teachers flexibility in pushing out assignments to students! So now when I add an assignment, question, or post I can send it to the entire class OR I can select individual students, or a single student, to send it to! …

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Aug 29

Differentiation Training

One of the math teachers and I attended a BER Conference on differentiation to meet the common core. We got some really great ideas for helping all our learners engage with our curricula. We presented the first part of our three or four part training with ideas for offering more student choice. Here’s the Prezi …

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Sep 03

Response to Intervention

One of the activities I did during August, Connected Educator Month, was take part in a free Response to Intervention (RTI) workshop by eLearning Innovation, Struggling Readers, Differentiated Instruction and RTI. RTI is one of those things that we hear about but that I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is. Sure, …

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