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Jun 07

Putting Images on Blog Posts

Images make blog posts look better and help the reader make sense and visualize what he or she is reading. I teach my students about checking images to make sure they are not copyright so they are only putting Creative Commons or Public Domain pictures and photos on their blog posts. So many photographers out …

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May 20

Testing is Over

State testing is over! My 6th graders took a Math and Language Arts test and my 8th graders took a Math, Language Arts, and Science test. The Science test, the subject that I teach, has questions on Earth, Physical and Life Science. Our curriculum, for better or for worse, includes Physical and Environmental Science in …

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Nov 12

Microscope Repair Anyone?

So I’ve been looking at what we can do to replace or repair our broken-down microscopes. We have about 20 Boreal Skopes compound microscopes about nine of which are still working well. Asking around about who can fix them I learned that there are no microscope repair people anywhere in the peninsula (the North Olympic …

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May 02

Reading Ability

I struggle with reading. It’s not that I can’t decode or that I am dyslexic or anything like that. It’s not even that my first language was Spanish and now I’m fluent in English (I can barely get out a complete thought in Spanish without having to switch to English, so English is my dominant …

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Mar 13

What is School For?

That’s what Seth Godin, author of Linchpin and other books, is asking us in his blog post www.stopstealingdreams.com is ready to read and share. Stop Stealing Dreams is a free book Godin wrote to get discussions around education reform going. Why did he do that? Because his readers ask him, “What do you think we …

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Nov 12

Limited by Four Walls?

Sometimes I think I’d be a much better educator if it weren’t for being stuck inside the four walls of my classroom. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. There are things that I wish I had done better or differently that just wouldn’t be issues if we weren’t all trapped inside these same …

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Aug 10

Blogs as Electronic Portfolios

File Folders

I’ve been having my students blog in my Science classes for years using David Warlick’s ClassBlogmeister. It was only this summer that I thought, “why not use those blogs as electronic portfolios?” Our school has been part of WA state’s Navigation 101 program and we are beginning to delve into electronic portfolios. Once a student …

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