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Feb 22

Tech Vision

Our District Tech Committee, of what I am part, was tasked with developing a Tech Vision Statement to determine what our next steps with technology will be. Our school board members have been attending conferences where 1:1 iPad programs were shared and they want to know if that or something that can and should be …

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Mar 31

Assembly sans Awards

Thursday, March 29, 2012 my advisory class hosted our school’s March assembly. The theme was the Month of the Young Adolescent. It was the first assembly I’ve attended at my school where there were no monthly or student of the month awards given to students. That’s the first out of the 132 monthly assemblies that …

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Mar 08

6th Graders Finishing Water Quality

Our amazing water quality project has come to an end. Students have been busy the last few weeks sharing presentations of their work with each other, writing final conclusion blogs (#comments4kids), and self-assessing their understandings of the Science standards that most closely fit our project. Since we are beginning a completely different unit studying physical science …

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Nov 23

Extend the Lesson for Inquiry

Science kits are great for elementary and many middle school teachers. I’m a generalist (got the early adolescent generalist national board certification before it went away), which basically means I dabble in everything, so the fact that I’m teaching only Science is through some fortunate circumstance. I saw fortunate because I love teaching Science and …

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Oct 17

Ed Reform? Okay.

I’ve never been a fan of teaching to a state test. I don’t mind assessing my students and I think it’s all right if students take common assessments to see how they’re doing. When I start teaching in South Central Los Angeles back in 1991 students were taking the CTBS multiple choice test. Knowing that …

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Aug 25

Digital Story About Salmon Life Cycle

After our two day workshop on Digital Storytelling with Dr. Helen Barrett and Erin Barrett a group of Chimacum High and Middle School teachers create digital stories. I really enjoyed and appreciate the idea of creating digital stories that are narrated by the author. They are much more personal that way and sound great. Most …

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