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May 07

Diigo Links (weekly)

Yes! More amazing resources from this past week! Check these out: Google Classroom: Copy the Code – Teacher Tech I love it when I am in the middle of giving a training and stumble on a new feature. 18 Web Tools & Services That Are Generating Outstanding Results | BloggingPro Education Can’t Fix Poverty. So …

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Apr 30

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are this week’s amazing links: Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace | chronotope It’s a well observed truth that because everyone has had an education, everyone feels well placed to comment on all aspects of education. Often that takes the form of “My experience of education was like this so …

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Jan 11

Differentiating with Google Classroom

I just found out about an update to Google Classroom from THE Journal that allows teachers flexibility in pushing out assignments to students! So now when I add an assignment, question, or post I can send it to the entire class OR I can select individual students, or a single student, to send it to! …

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Dec 01

Doctopus & Goobric – Sweet Combo!

This post was originally published at the CORELaborate blog here. Do you correct student papers and give students feedback? Do you use rubrics to score their work and provide feedback? Have you tried Doctopus and Goobric? Those two tools together are awesome! Make sure you have Doctopus and Goobric installed: Here’s how they all work: …

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Jun 20

Diigo Links (weekly)

More great resources! A gunman opens fire in your building. What do you do? – Washington Post tags:gun gunman shooting school shoot opens fire building A Good Infographic Featuring Some of The Best Classroom Management Apps and Tools ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning tags:infographic infographics classroom classroom management management apps tools educational technology technology …

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Apr 24

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are this week’s awesome resources I’ve curated! Check them out: Scope & Sequence: Common Sense K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum | Common Sense Media tags:digital citizenship internet safety lessons Digital education Citizenship lesson digital-citizenship digital_citizenship digitalcitizenship 7 Games to Inspire a Child’s Love for Reading tags:games reading read literacy gaming game gbl Personalize Learning: Continuum …

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May 25

Final Trek Chapter!

This is the conclusion of our Star Trek part live action role play, part choose-your-own-adventure story: The QR code is clickable. I had planned to share this conclusion right after spring break but I had hoped to share it before spring break. Instead the QR codes were put up in my room now, at the …

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May 22

Averting War

Not real war, this post has the next chapters of our ongoing missions aboard the class Starship Equinox. 🙂 After the mid-season finale, last post in this series, we were left with the mystery of destruction of the Tholian ship, the Aen’q Tholis. Unlike the Bombay and the Endeavour and the Equinox, the Aen’q Tholis …

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Mar 07

Video Games in the Classroom #gbl

I got an email from a student asking me if she could interview me for an essay she was writing for her English 102 class about video games in the classroom. After answering her questions I asked her if I could share my responses here and she said yes. Here’s what I wrote for her …

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Feb 25

Class Trek Mid Season Finale

In this mid-season finale to our ongoing Star Trek class story an incredible secret is revealed. The QR code is clickable. It has been awhile since the last part of our story, which was like a finale in itself. The place I put the QR code went pretty much unnoticed for about three weeks! I …

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