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Dec 11

Relationships or Taskmaster

I struggle with this every, single year. The balance between being a taskmaster and building relationships with students. One way to think of classroom management, according to Lee Canter (Assertive Discipline) is that dealing with kids is like working with your bank account. Building relationships with kids can be seen as depositing money into your …

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Apr 30

Student Discipline

Classroom management is not an easy thing. If something works one day it won’t necessarily work the next day. Sometimes blowing the beginning of the year sets the stage for a difficult year. Sometimes no matter how bad things get there are still good times. In 21 years of working with kids ages 9 to …

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Dec 30

Best of 2010

I’ve seen many of my favorite bloggers putting together a list of their top blogs from 2010 so I thought I’d do the same. I use the WordPress plugin Counterize II and here are the top blog posts from most hits to the least hits: iPads in Science Avatars Assessment for Learning iPads Promise and …

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Aug 22

Classroom Management & Communication

[Note: I don’t use the consequences or document listed in this post anymore. I am striving to make learning for my students about information and NOT about rewards and punishments. A difficult endeavor worth doing!] I’ve been getting quite a few pointers from the Smart Classroom Management blog. If you don’t subscribe to it, do …

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