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Nov 27

Hindsight is easy, I Need Foresight!

This post was originally published at the CORELaborate Blog here! Isn’t it fun to find out your plan didn’t work AFTER students start turning in work? I see my error NOW and I even have an idea for how to fix it but I won’t know how well the fix works until next time students …

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Nov 21

NGSS & The Scientific Method

This post was originally published on the CORELaborate WA blog here. Is the Scientific Method dead? Does the NGSS have guidelines for students as experimental designers? Before NGSS, WA State’s revised 2009 Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR) number 2 was the Inquiry standard for questioning and investigating. That provide a framework for how Science teachers …

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Oct 17

CER Rubric

Originally posted on CORElaborate here (re-posted here in its entirety with the author’s – me – permission). I don’t use rubrics very often and when it comes time to have students self-assess I prefer proficiency scales. When I last wrote about using CER, Claims – Evidence – Reasoning, for having students write experiment conclusions, I …

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May 05

Backing up Claims

My latest CoreLaborate blog post is out! In my backing up claims with evidence post I share what I’ve learned at some excellent common core trainings I’ve attended. I share resources for asking great questions to help students learn from text. I also share how writing conclusions in Science using the Claims, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) …

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Feb 10

Claim Evidence Reasoning – CER

One switch I’ve made with my Science labs is in the way I have students write their conclusions. I’ve tried many different ways, I’ve even spent time working with my Science PLC on conclusion writing, and lately I’ve been having my students use the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning or CER method of writing conclusions. It’s quite …

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