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Mar 28

A Stewardship STEM Project

This post was originally published for WA CoreLaborate at the CORELaborate blog! Chimacum Middle School 6th graders have been monitoring our neighborhood creek, Chimacum Creek, for the past 15 years! When asked to to develop an integrated STEM unit this year for our 6th graders I went to my fellow 6th grade teachers, the Humanities …

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Jul 08

The Core Shifts the Way We Teach

The Common Core English Language Arts (CCSS ELA) standards were developed to provide our kids a relevant, engaging, rigorous education. At the heart of the standards are three major shifts to the way we teach our students. This year I have been fortunate enough to have one of the bloggers on our state’s CoreLaborate blog. …

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Jun 05

Diigo Links (weekly)

A new set of incredible resources! Check them out! Canva Collage Templates #digital #edtech #collage #templates Building Knowledge in the Common Core Era Building Knowledge in the Common Core Era https://t.co/3W1nddXDJd by @educatoral on @corelaboratewa #WATeachLead https://t.co/j245Jm1omn tags:WATeachLead Integration 101 for the Arts-Curious Content Teacher You were mentioned in my May blog: https://t.co/j9O4LBIFo5 @susanrileyphoto @timneedles …

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Jun 01

Building Knowledge

The last post in my Common Core ELA shift series has gone live today! In that post I share research, ideas to help your students build knowledge in any content area, vocabulary ideas, resources about text sets and more! Check it out!

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May 05

Backing up Claims

My latest CoreLaborate blog post is out! In my backing up claims with evidence post I share what I’ve learned at some excellent common core trainings I’ve attended. I share resources for asking great questions to help students learn from text. I also share how writing conclusions in Science using the Claims, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) …

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Mar 02

Implications for Text Complexity Post is Out

My second in a series of posts on a bunch of trainings I been attending on the Common Core, specifically around the three major shifts, is out on the CORELaborate blog! I started by sharing some great information I learned about the 1st CCSS-ELA Shift: Regular practice with complex text and its academic language. In …

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Feb 16

CCSS-ELA Shift 1 #WATeachLead

CORELaborate Blog Post

My first CORELaborate blog post went live today! Here’s a snippet of it with a link to the actual post on the CORELaborate site: Standards, right? Standards have been around since way before the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Standards are a reality for classroom teachers and personally, …

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Jan 13

WA Core Advocates

Just this past weekend I attended a Common Core English Language Arts (CCSS-ELA) training put together by the Washington Core Advocates from Achieve the Core Student Achievement Partners. Because of my work with the OSPP I was invited to attend this fantastic training. I had the choice of going to the Math training or the …

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Nov 17

Text-Dependent Questions #ccss #ngss

I read this article in the Instructional Leader on Text-Dependent Questions. As part of the WA STEM PD grant that my school got we are working in our grade level PLC (Professional Learning Community) for one cycle followed by departmental PLC. There’s a different dynamic to PLC work when you meet with your grade level …

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