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Jun 07

Putting Images on Blog Posts

Images make blog posts look better and help the reader make sense and visualize what he or she is reading. I teach my students about checking images to make sure they are not copyright so they are only putting Creative Commons or Public Domain pictures and photos on their blog posts. So many photographers out …

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Feb 09

A 6th Grader Blogs About Racism

Republishing these posts to get new readers to my students’ class blog to inspire this new group to write posts! I do like to keep reminding myself that we’re not born racist. That could bring me down, thinking that people are still passing their racism along to their children but instead I like to think …

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Mar 14

6th Grader Shares About His Stuttering!

One of our 6th graders recorded this short video to share what it’s like stuttering! It’s short and well worth watching! Click here to visit our World Solutions Blog to watch his video, feel free to leave Isaac a comment!

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Mar 02

6th Graders Blog About World Problems

We were working on a Science opener, just like we’ve done every single day this year. I always start each class with a cool Science opener from a book I bought years ago and took out of some cabinet after years of having forgotten about it. The opener question was to come up with differences …

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Mar 11

The Tao of Blogging

Oh I fall into the trap. I spend every morning and every evening checking my Feedly RSS feeds and reading many awesome blogs. Lately I’ve been reading a few who apologize for not having blogged in a while and I start to feel it. Holy cow! I haven’t blogged in a while! I need to …

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Jul 01

Gamifying Take 2 #3dgamelab

This past year I tried my hand at gamifying my classes after reading Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom. It was quite a failure. The class didn’t feel like a game. Kids didn’t show the level of engagement I was after. After going gradeless and offering kids more and more choice to take charge of their learning …

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Jun 01

Is Variety Better?

Coming up on the last two weeks of school I started to reflect on something I’ve maybe been taking for granted. I’ve noticed that I offer my students variety. Variety in Science instruction (and curriculum to an extent), variety in integrated technology and variety in how students show what they are learning. Lately I’m wondering, …

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Feb 01

Change is Hard

So I am continuing to survey my students. It’s our midterm and halfway through our school year so I wanted to check in and see how they’re all doing. After the positive exit slip experience I had last week I thought this week’s survey would be cool. It was cool but not so easy to …

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Jan 25

Student Survey Time

Midterm is upon us and I reminded my students of how things are different at this time in an ungraded classroom. I hear them talking about what grades they are getting in their other classes because at midterm teachers prepare progress reports for families to see how their child is doing halfway through the trimester. …

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Jan 02

Gamified Classroom?

Not so much actually. I started the year all hopeful to gamify my classes. After reading Lee Sheldon’s book, The Multiplayer Classroom this past summer I was all ready to jump in with all my classes. I had badges all prepared for my students to place on their blogs as they showed evidence of understanding …

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