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Jul 23

Diigo Links (weekly)

Check out these fabulous resources: On Reading Tasks | I used to ask students to write in their reader’s notebook for a few minutes every day after they finished reading.  Some days they could write about whatever, other days I had a specific prompt.  Just four minutes because four always seems less dau… 9 Ways …

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Apr 09

Diigo Links (weekly)

Amazing new resources for this past week: “Legends Of Learning” Is New Game-Based Site That Lets Teachers Create Free Virtual Classrooms | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… Legends of Learning is a new site that provides custom-built games organized by learning objectives. Teachers can create “playlists” they want their students to access and then …

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Aug 21

Diigo Links (weekly)

More great resources! What do schools with low student suspension rates have in common? | Chalkbeat tags:discipline classroom management school relationship relationships classroom management classroom-management classroommanagement 6 Opening and Closing Routines for New Teachers | Edutopia tags:closing opening routines teachers ‘Vital’ For Parents To Discuss Sexting With Children – Schools Improvement Net tags:parents sexting children …

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Jun 26

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are my next set of great links from this past week! EdTechTeacher | Tech Tools by Subject and Skills tags:tools technology web2.0 edtech apps tech subject science math history english education Personalize Learning: Updated Stages of Personalized Learning Environments (v5) tags:personalized learning personalized learning environment ple What Grading Has to Do With Chronic Absenteeism …

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May 29

Diigo Links (weekly)

New links to great resources! I got something for everyone! (Don’t know why I’m sounding like a used car salesman. LoL) What makes game-based learning so effective and how does it work? – Think Through Math tags:games game-based learning gbl math maths mathematics growth growth mindset growthmindset mindset Students – Social Media – New York …

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Oct 20

Am I a Hypocrite?

Sometimes I feel like hypocrite when I denounce extrinsic rewards. I’ve been vocal at my school about my discomfort rewarding students for things they should be doing. Things that many of them do anyways. We even abolished our monthly awards ceremonies and student of the month award ceremonies last year. But now we have become …

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Mar 25

What Am I Missing Here?

I need a fresh perspective on something I’ve been struggling with this school year. My reason for gamifying my courses was to motivate and engage more of my students whether they are gamers or not. Last week I reiterated something in blog post that I’ve learned in over 22 years of teaching, that no ONE …

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Jul 14

Almost Ready for Fall #3dgamelab

I’ve been obsessed with preparing a new method of gamifying my classes for the upcoming school year this Fall. I’ve written a bunch of posts sharing my journey to make a Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE) classroom that runs like a real life computer game using the 3D GameLab (3DGL) interface. I added more quests …

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Jul 09

8th Grade Year Plan #3dgamelab

After planning possible 6th grade activities, I put them into the 3D GameLab (3DGL) interface ready for kids to Beta test in the fall. So far I have 73 quests in several different chains with room for some student choice. The benefit of having no grades is that kids can really pick and choose what …

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Jul 07

Badges, Do We Need Them? #3dgamelab

Not sure, jury’s still out on that one for me. In my brief, 22 year career, I’ve tried incentives such as grades, stickers, beans in a jar, lotto tickets, class money, awards all the way to abolishing all of those, even the grades. The change to no rewards and punishments worked, but not as well …

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