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Sep 13

iPad and Tech Resources for Science

Check out a blog I wrote sharing iPad apps and other assorted tech resources I use with students in my Science classes on Digitizd (@digitizd): A Science Teacher Shares Tech Resources For Teachers, Parents & Students

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Sep 28

iPads in Science 2

Last year, around October 2010, I got 13 iPads for my Science students through a service-learning grant. This is the start of my second year using those iPads with my Science students. The summer before I got the iPads I was able to try one out myself and wrote about the possibilities here. I elaborated …

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Nov 14

Technology as a Tool

After seven weeks (28 actual class days) of working with iPads, netbooks and desktop computers in the classroom in a 1:1 environment, my students have settled into a pretty swell routine. The apps most used by students to get their work done are Safari for Internet research, and Office2 HD for creating documents and/or adding …

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Oct 01

Play First, Work Later

When you bring out math manipulatives you let the kids play with them a bit so that later they can focus on the work of learning with the tool. That was my intent with our new iPads and netbooks. I have lots of ideas I want my students to try out but first I thought …

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Aug 23

Office2 HD

This is another cross post I wrote for IEAR. I was reading a post from Adventures in Teaching and Learning by Mr. Keenan, Why the iPad IS for Content Creation in Education {iPads in Education, Mobile Learning, 21st Century Learning} and I splurged and bought one of the featured apps in that article, Office2 HD. …

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Aug 18

iPad’s Promise and How to Use it Now

This is another cross post I wrote on the IEAR website. Zemanta’s August 13 post regarding, “What do teachers really want in an ‘Educational App?’” has hit the nail on the head. Ever since I bought my first iPhone back in 2008 and since then seeing kids use their iPod Touch I wanted more than …

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