Jul 29

My Favorite Education Podcasts

Do you listen to educational podcasts? If you do, see if you listen to the same ones I listen to, and if you don’t, then try some or all of the ones I’m sharing here. The BAM Radio Network is just awesome and here are my go to podcasts:


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Vicki Davis, The Cool Cat Teacher, hosts the show Every Classroom Matters. Here is a great show to listen to, check it out. Vicki has so many amazing topics on her awesome shows.









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Larry Ferlazzo hosts his Classroom Q & A show, and I have had the honor and pleasure to be on two of his episodes! That’s not the reason I’m including his podcast here, I really do listen to it. Check them out, so many great topics!








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Matt Miller and Jed Dearybury host another great podcast, HookED on Learning. Their shows focus on ways to hook and captivate students. Check them out as they also have great episodes to binge listen!









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I’ve been a big fan of the #EdChat since I first joint Twitter. I haven’t been able to make time to participate in the #EdChats for a while now but luckily I get to catch up on the topics of the #EdChats by listening to the follow-up podcasts shows hosted by Nancy Blair and Tom Whitby! If you are an #EdChat participant or not, check these shows out!






Do you listen to any educational podcasts? Which ones?

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