Feb 27

Diigo Links Useful?

Anker (Some Rights Reserved)

I have a real obsession with collecting resource links. I’m a Diigo hoarder. And yes, I do separate my Skittle by color before I eat them. To date I have saved nearly 12,800 links to my Diigo account. I start every day by reading through my Feedly list of blogs I follow and I end my days the same way. Anything I find that is cool or useful or that I might need someday I save to my Diigo links. Finally, one day I decided to join the club of bloggers who publish their links every week for their readers. I just published my 55th list of links yesterday and I’m finding upwards of about 20 links at least every week.

What I don’t know is if I’m helping those who read my blog, especially subscribers and regular readers, or just annoying the once a week every week. My hope is that I’m helping more people than I’m annoying. I’ve had a few people ask me to unsubscribe them from my blog and though they didn’t tell me why, I was wondering if they just got tired of seeing lists of links every week.

If you read this blog regularly or if you are a subscriber could you please do me a favor and let me know if my Diigo links are helpful or annoying to you? If it’s bothering too many people, I’ll stop because I already bother the heck out of my wife with my obsessive behaviors and I don’t need to do that to people who get something out of reading my blog posts! 🙂 Click here if you don’t see the form below.

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