May 27

Best Practices Collaborative Document

Some Rights Reserved

Some Rights Reserved

Years ago I started a best practices document. My school district’s tech committee was working on defining what we should be doing in the classroom before we helped teachers integrate technology. Using technology to do the same things that weren’t helping students won’t improve student learning. I made the document editable by all who had the link and shared it. People added to it and hopefully used it. I visited it again and noticed that many of the best practices shared there are still valuable now (which means the best practices are long-lasting making them useful in all classrooms).

I want to share it again and put it out there in the hopes that it can edited again or added to, to keep it relevant and improve upon it.  Here’s a direct link to the document to add to it or make use of it. Please share this post and this document so it can continue to grow and evolve.

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