Oct 01

Behavior Self-Assessment

After having students make three promises to help us have a safe, happy and fun classroom I made a google form so they could assess how well they’ve kept their promises on a weekly basis.

So far many students have taken the assessment two or three times since we drafted the promises. I compared their results with the data I’ve collected from Classdojo and I see that my two early morning classes are doing much better than my after lunch (technically still morning) class. Makes sense. But their self-assessment shows that my period 2 class is actually doing the best.

Here’s my 1st period class (starts at 7:45am!):

I promise be kind to everyone and be friends with everyone. Cooperate with my teammates by doing your fair share of the work and by not doing all the work.


I promise to speak when it’s my turn and try to keep it quiet. This means that I will stop, look and listen when a speaker is talking.


I promise to ask before I leave the room and walk calmly (remember to be aware of those around you to be safe).


And here’s my period 1 observations.


I promise to be respectful and kind  to everybody and to try my best. I will be respectful of people’s things, space and our classroom, which will include throwing my gum in the trash.


I promise to be quiet and when it’s okay to talk, talk quietly so the noise level is low. This includes listening when people are talking.


I promise to promise to walk slowly and remember to be aware of those around you to be safe.


My period 2 observations. Very positive!


I promise to act friendly towards each other. Be respectful and try to stop bullying if you see it.


I promise to pay attention and be on task. Politely remind those who are talking or just not listening.


I promise to walk calmly and remember to be aware of those around you to be safe.


Here are my observations. A lot more disruptions and talking when it’s least appropriate to talk.

We’ll see how this continues now that we’re back from our week-long trip to Camp Cispus.

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