Jan 22

Why Go Gradeless?


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 Coming up on three years ago, after 19 years of teaching, I began to question grading. I wrote a blog post titled, Do Grades Help or Hinder Learning? I knew that grading, the ways I had tried it until then, was not working. Grades were not motivating all of my students, it was the focus of some of my students to the point of obsession, and it didn’t provide usable feedback because letters and averages and check marks lacked detail and nuance. Since then I’ve implemented a standards-based approach with no marks, letters, points or averages.

So it was really cool to come across a very similar blog post. This one was written by a high school student.



Do Grades Hinder Learning?



See the similarities? Maybe you won’t take my word for it. The word of a teacher. A blog post listing all these resources I read to bring me to the point of moving beyond grades. But here it is from our constituents. The students themselves.

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