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González ISTE Capstone I and II Exhibits

PBS Teacherline, an online professional development resource for K-12 teachers, offers many wonderful classes. Among its many classes PBS Teacherline has two International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Certificate Capstone courses. Teachers who take both ISTE Capstone I and ISTE Capstone II create exhibits of projects they create and conduct with students to show proficiency in all the National Education Technolgy Standards (NETS) for students (NETS S) and for teachers (NETS T).

For my Capstone I exhibit I chose a webquest that I created for students on Tsunamis following the 2004 Asian Tsunami. I chose this webquest to demonstrate my use of technology to help my students learn. I use webquests a few times each year with students to teach Science concepts that lend themselves to research and sharing of information in creative ways. My students created websites to show what they learned about Tsunamis and to send good thoughts to the people who lost so much in the aftermath of the tsunami. Check out my PBS Capstone I Exhibit page!

Tsunami Webquest
Click on image to go to the webquest.

For my Capstone II exhibit I chose my 6th grade water quality project. I chose this webquest to show all the Science students can do and all the ways we integrate technology from using probes and sensors to collect data to creating PowerPoint presentations to share data and results to creating websites to showcase what they learned to using blogs to discuss with students around the world. This has truly been an exciting vehicle for getting my students to share what they are learning with a global audience. Whenever we make websites we know that our audience has the potential to be global but to actually get comments and leave comments on blogs from New York, Canada, Australia and Beirut has been phenomenal. This has become a truly amazing project that we work on for months. Students gain an indepth understanding of fresh water resources, ecosystems and pollution and they serve their community by monitoring their neighborhood creek. Check out my PBS Capstone II Exhibit page!

Water Quality Project
Click on image to go the Water Quality Homepage